1. Access an unmatched pool of trusted high quality talent

How we find great talent

Bettersource Recruiter Network

Headhunted by our partner firms with domain-specific expertise.

Bettersource Member Network

Referrals from our incredible community of existing members.


We screen for the best combination of hard and soft skills so each candidate can integrate seamlessly with your local team.


A final stamp of approval is given by one of our experienced recruitment experts.


Our job-specific pre-employment assessments significantly reduce the risk of a bad hire.





2. Schedule interviews & hire your perfect match

3. Start working!

We handle compliance, payroll, and ongoing HR support so you can focus on getting work done.

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Let us take care of everything else

Compliance & Payroll

We handle payroll and navigate complex offshore labour laws on your behalf.

Remote team management tools

  • Time Tracking: Keep a record of the exact hours your team is working
  • Activity Reports: Get insights into the projects your team is spending their time on

Dedicated HR support

One of our experts acts as a point of contact for any issues that may arise while managing your remote team.

Offshore team support

Our global presence helps you equip your team with laptops, phones, or anything else they might need.


How do I get started?


Simply sign up, browse candidate profiles, and schedule interviews directly from the talent portal.

How does the interview process work?


You can send interview invites to candidates using the talent portal, and conduct interviews directly with each candidate via Zoom. A team member will be available to assist you through the process.

What happens after I have made a hiring decision?


We will complete our onboarding process and get you connected with your new hire. This process takes 7-10 days.

Are candidates available to start immediately?


Some candidates are available to join immediately, while others may need to serve a notice period with their current employer. Each candidate's availability is mentioned on their Bettersource profile.

Does the time difference affect staff availability?


No. Candidates are expected to work during Australia/NZ business hours.

How do I manage my team's productivity remotely?


We provide activity tracking tools that helps you stay informed on your team’s progress throughout the day.

What is the role of my support manager?


The support manager acts as a point of contact for you. They are available to offer any support that you may require while managing your remote team.